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Calcium zinc stabilizer

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Calcium zinc stabilizer

Product introduction

Calcium zinc stabilizer is mainly made of calcium salt, zinc salt, lubricant, antioxygen, etc., on which special composite process has been carried out. It can not only replace lead and cadmium salt, organic tin and other toxic stabilizers, but also shows high heat stability, light stability, transparency and tinting strength. Practice has proven that calcium zinc stabilizer shows excellent processing performance for PVC resin products and its heat stability is equivalent to that of lead salt stabilizer. Therefore, the product is an ideal non-toxic stabilizer.

Main purpose

Applicable to tubing, profiled bar, pipe fitting, plate, injection molding, blown film, cable material, and other plastic products;

Technical indexes

Product characteristics

During processing with PVC resin, the product shows excellent dispersibility, compatibility, processing fluidity, wide adaptability, and high surface smoothness of products. Besides, it shows high heat stability, small hue in early stage, and free of separation out, heavy metal, other toxic components and vulcanization. The Congo red test duration is long and the product shows excellent electrical insulating property besides, it is free of impurities, highly resistant to weather and highly practical. It has come into wide use, is low in use level and has multiple functions. In white products, it is superior to similar products in terms of whiteness.


The product shall be stored in a dry and ventilated place and shall be away from heat source. Besides, it shall not be stored in open air, so as to prevent it from moisture.

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